Starting a new class/course/school/uni can be a pretty daunting thing!  It can also be stressful and can change a person completely.  But it doesn’t have to be this way..  Here is my advice and tips on starting something new.  I’ve also started a new course this year, so i know exactly how you feel!  This is my third college course… This time, at 21 years old, I’ve finally found what I want to do with my life.. Thank god!!!


1. Be organised

Being organised is super important when doing anything.. especially school, college, uni and work.  Being organised will help you meet deadlines and will help you keep on top of things throughout the year, so try not to fall behind and always turn up to class!!

2. Buy new stationery

I absolutely love buying new stationery.  I always feel like I have my life together when buying stationery (even though I definitely don’t haha!!)  This can sometimes encourage you to work harder!  Primark usually have gorgeous stationery so go for a shopping spree!!

3. Don’t worry

One of the main tips to take on board when starting something new is do not worry!  Worrying can make you stressed and effect your work.  It can also get you down and could lead to depression.  So relax and don’t overthink, give yourself a bit of me-time and remember to talk to someone if something is on your mind.

4. Concentrate


5. Manage your time wisely/Balance

If you’re a little geek like me.. making a timetable and to do lists is your idea of fun!  This  is a great way to arrange your free time around lessons and meetings.  Balance is so important so remember to have time to yourself outside work and college.  Meet up with some friends, go to the gym, but make sure this doesn’t effect studying time.

6. Stay positive

Staying positive will make the year fly by!  Staying positive will also reflect on your grades,  if you have a negative attitude, this will make you lose motivation to complete work and try your hardest.

7. Set targets

Setting targets will help you meet deadlines and pass assignments.  I like to set targets so when I have a deadline coming up, I can finish the work a few days before so I can relax knowing the work is done!

8. Get enough sleep

YAY!!  Sleep is extremely important.  Make sure you get enough sleep every night so you can get up early and ready to go start a new day.  Lack of sleep will definitely reflect on your work.. and eventually it will catch up with you!

9. Eat and drink properly

Starting a new academic year is a great time to start eating healthy!  A healthy body means a healthy mind, so put down that chocolate bar and have an apple instead!  Make sure you drink plenty of water too, keeping hydrated will keep your energy levels up and you will be able to concentrate harder!  I recently bought the Lucy Watson Feed Me Vegan book which is amazing and I feel like this will motivate me to eat healthier and try new recipes out!

10. Enjoy!

My main advice/tip is to enjoy your time in school/college/university!  These are the best years of our lives and it is so important to enjoy that time and not stress too much!  You only live once and you should definitely make the most of it!


Good luck to anyone starting something new/or has already started like myself!  I hope you enjoy the year and stick at it!  It’ll be totally worth it! x





Game of Thrones

OH MY GOD THIS THING IS AMAZING!!!  Luke started watching this a few months back and tried getting me to watch it with him but me being me, I totally refused to watch it and give it a chance.  Luke was feeling a bit down a couple of weeks ago and I asked him if me watching GOT with him from the start would cheer him up, so we agreed to watch it..  safe to say I will never ever look back, this program is the most amazing thing I’ve ever watched!!  I am absolutely hooked!!  I got to season 4 within a week.. for me, that never happens!! I’m currently on season 5 now as I’ve been super busy with work so had less time to watch it, but I am absolutely loving it and would recommend to anyone!



I wrote a review about this foundation this month so I wont talk too much about this product.  I really am loving this foundation as it’s really good on my oily skin.



Ralph Lauren Bag

This month i went into TK Maxx.  I hardly ever go there but i spotted a gorgeous pastle pink Ralph Lauren bag and I really wanted it!!  It was after i bought my Kate Spade bag in July so I decided not to buy it and be a good girl!! It was over a £100 in store so i just couldn’t do it!  A couple of weeks ago I went in for a quick look and noticed that the bag was marked down to £58!!! I bought it straight away!  It also came with a really cute matching clutch bag!


Kate Spade Phone Case

I also spotted this gorgeous phone case in TK Maxx!  I absolutely love Kate Spade and the phone cases are super cute!  This was down to £12.99 in TK Maxx!



DIY project

I recently uploaded a post on a simple DIY Project i worked on.  I had so much fun creating this and wanted to share it with the world! It’s a saving pot made out of an empty jar and can be personalised! 


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I absolutely love DIY projects especially when it involves ‘upcycling’ an item!  When my Dad recently finished a jar of Branston Pickle (his favourite.. i can’t understand why, yuk!)  I noticed the jar had such a pretty shape to it and I really wanted to make it into something else!  So I’ve been looking at Interrailing for Summer 2018 and I really wanted a little pot to save my pennies.. I looked online and they were so expensive!!  I had a great idea to use Dad’s empty jar to make a little saving pot!


What you need

Empty jar with lid

Paint and brush

Masking tape


Glue – I used super glue and PVA

Decoration *optional*


How to

  1. First, ensure that the jar and lid is clean and dry.
  2. Carefully place some masking tape on one side of the jar, this is optional but I think it’s fun to see how much money is in the pot!
  3. Paint the whole jar and leave to dry, the jar might need two coats depending on what paint you use. (I used white gloss as it was all I had in the garage!) When dry, remove the tape.
  4. Measure the hole you will need to cut on the jar using the largest coin you have (£2 in Britain). Mark the lid using a marker pen.
  5. Carefully cut a hole out using a very sharp knife.. or just ask the man of the house to do it!!!
  6. When the jar is dry, decorate!  I used wash tape to cover the side of the lid, twine to cover my messy painting skills!!, tiny pegs and a little label saying Adventure fund!
  7. Super glue the lid on to ensure that it is sealed.  (this part is also optional but if you’re like me and will probably take some money out, it’s best to superglue it on tight!!)

And there you go, simple!  This is a really nice personal thing to have and would make a brilliant gift!


If you have a go at making this, i would love to see it!  Tag me in your instagram photo or tweet!

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Now I’ve seen a lot of people post a photo of this foundation on Instagram.. and I was looking for a new foundation so I thought why not!  I haven’t been able to find many reviews about this product for   people with extremely oily skin, so I thought buying this product myself would be a great chance to review it myself!  And maybe even help you decide to try it out yourself!

I have the worst skin type imaginable.. extremely oily, dry in areas, spots and full of huuuuge pores.  I’ve had problems with my skin since year 5 in primary school so as you can probably imagine.. I’ve been picked on most of my life just for having bad skin (sorry to those people.. I really wish I could choose my skin type and not disgust you with the one I’ve got).  Foundation is one of the dreaded products for me when buying make up.. especially when some places have snobby staff.


This is Fit Me! by Maybelline New York.  I chose the normal to oily one in the colour Natural Ivory (105).




This foundation lasts all day without looking too bad.  It also claims to fill in the pores which I really find it does!

Applying this foundation is really easy as its quite runny so it glides on the skin and blends in very well.

This foundation also feels light on the skin throughout the day, I absolutely hate those foundations that feel heavy and horrible at the end of the day.. this one definitely isn’t one of those foundations!

The price is great!  I got this from Boots for £6.99!

Squeeze bottle!  I absolutely hate glass foundation bottles, you can never reach the bottom which is annoying if you pay a lot of money for the product!  This foundation comes out really easy!


I find the colour I chose goes a bit orangey by the end of the day.. next time I will definitely go for a lighter colour.

I feel like the tube isn’t completely full. I’ve had this foundation for a week now and it already feels like it’s going to run out in a week or two.

The coverage isn’t great, but having skin like mine, I would much rather foundation that lasts on my oily skin that covers my skin.  So this isn’t a huge issue for me.

Goes a little bit cakey around the nose and pores by the end of the day.  But for £6.99.. I really don’t mind touching it up a bit throughout the day.



So what do i think?! I think I like it!  And would definitely recommend this foundation!  Especially if you’re like me and you struggle to find a good foundation.  This product has an amazing price tag for the quality!  The one thing i would recommend you to do if you are thinking of buying this foundation is go a shade lighter as the colour does change throughout the day!   So overall, I am really happy with this product and will definitely carry on using it!


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END OF JULY ALREADY?!!  Please slow down 2017!!  I really feel like my monthly favourites are sooo boring compared to I do apologise!



Right now I am in Paris!  I’ve only been once before with school years ago, I absolutely fell in love with the place and didn’t even get to see much of it!  So for my 21st birthday I really wanted to visit Paris properly and with the person I love!  This city is absolutely beautiful and I could spend a lifetime here!  Soon I will upload a post on what I did here, also a vlog will be uploaded!



21st Birthday

Happy birthday to me!!  I am now 21 years old! (yayyyy casinos!  ..joking).  I am now officially a proper adult.. eew!  Spending my 21st in Paris has made my birthday so special!


Kate Middleton

Kate has always been an icon of mine, she is absolutely beautiful!  In this year’s Wimbledon, she had a new hairstyle which I absolutely love!  As usual she looked stunning and wore pretty dresses.  She deserves to be on the month’s favourites!




Summer dresses

Being in Paris I wanted to look very feminine and pretty.  So I’ve practically been living in summer dresses!  The weather has been ok in Wales, not the greatest.. but I still wear pretty dresses just because I can’t help myself!!



Bit of an odd one but as I get older I do start to appreciate flowers more.  Lately I have been really into flowers and learning more about different plants.  Obviously one of my favourites are peonies (how very basic of me!!)  This is a photo I took at the flower market in Amsterdam end of June.
Kate Spade bag

I really wanted to treat myself and wanted a good quality bag.  So when i had a look through designer websites I fell in love with Kate Spade!! The bags are truly beautiful and definitely a treat!  I got this for myself as a 21st birthday treat and absolutely LOVE it!!