August Favourites

Game of Thrones

OH MY GOD THIS THING IS AMAZING!!!  Luke started watching this a few months back and tried getting me to watch it with him but me being me, I totally refused to watch it and give it a chance.  Luke was feeling a bit down a couple of weeks ago and I asked him if me watching GOT with him from the start would cheer him up, so we agreed to watch it..  safe to say I will never ever look back, this program is the most amazing thing I’ve ever watched!!  I am absolutely hooked!!  I got to season 4 within a week.. for me, that never happens!! I’m currently on season 5 now as I’ve been super busy with work so had less time to watch it, but I am absolutely loving it and would recommend to anyone!



I wrote a review about this foundation this month so I wont talk too much about this product.  I really am loving this foundation as it’s really good on my oily skin.



Ralph Lauren Bag

This month i went into TK Maxx.  I hardly ever go there but i spotted a gorgeous pastle pink Ralph Lauren bag and I really wanted it!!  It was after i bought my Kate Spade bag in July so I decided not to buy it and be a good girl!! It was over a £100 in store so i just couldn’t do it!  A couple of weeks ago I went in for a quick look and noticed that the bag was marked down to £58!!! I bought it straight away!  It also came with a really cute matching clutch bag!


Kate Spade Phone Case

I also spotted this gorgeous phone case in TK Maxx!  I absolutely love Kate Spade and the phone cases are super cute!  This was down to £12.99 in TK Maxx!



DIY project

I recently uploaded a post on a simple DIY Project i worked on.  I had so much fun creating this and wanted to share it with the world! It’s a saving pot made out of an empty jar and can be personalised! 


All photos are on my Instagram , check it out and follow my page!


  1. August 31, 2017 / 7:32 pm

    The Ralph Lauren bag looks stunning! Same with the Kate Spade Case. I have a clear one with rose gold dots and I love it, it does a really good job at protecting my phone. Loved your post! xx

    • August 31, 2017 / 8:23 pm

      Thank you, i love it!! Aww that sounds gorgeous 😍 thanks for reading!xx

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