DIY: Money Jar

I absolutely love DIY projects especially when it involves ‘upcycling’ an item!  When my Dad recently finished a jar of Branston Pickle (his favourite.. i can’t understand why, yuk!)  I noticed the jar had such a pretty shape to it and I really wanted to make it into something else!  So I’ve been looking at Interrailing for Summer 2018 and I really wanted a little pot to save my pennies.. I looked online and they were so expensive!!  I had a great idea to use Dad’s empty jar to make a little saving pot!


What you need

Empty jar with lid

Paint and brush

Masking tape


Glue – I used super glue and PVA

Decoration *optional*


How to

  1. First, ensure that the jar and lid is clean and dry.
  2. Carefully place some masking tape on one side of the jar, this is optional but I think it’s fun to see how much money is in the pot!
  3. Paint the whole jar and leave to dry, the jar might need two coats depending on what paint you use. (I used white gloss as it was all I had in the garage!) When dry, remove the tape.
  4. Measure the hole you will need to cut on the jar using the largest coin you have (£2 in Britain). Mark the lid using a marker pen.
  5. Carefully cut a hole out using a very sharp knife.. or just ask the man of the house to do it!!!
  6. When the jar is dry, decorate!  I used wash tape to cover the side of the lid, twine to cover my messy painting skills!!, tiny pegs and a little label saying Adventure fund!
  7. Super glue the lid on to ensure that it is sealed.  (this part is also optional but if you’re like me and will probably take some money out, it’s best to superglue it on tight!!)

And there you go, simple!  This is a really nice personal thing to have and would make a brilliant gift!


If you have a go at making this, i would love to see it!  Tag me in your instagram photo or tweet!

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  1. August 19, 2017 / 1:40 am

    This is such a cute jar! I might have to try it out one day 🙂

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