July Favourites

END OF JULY ALREADY?!!  Please slow down 2017!!  I really feel like my monthly favourites are sooo boring compared to others..so I do apologise!



Right now I am in Paris!  I’ve only been once before with school years ago, I absolutely fell in love with the place and didn’t even get to see much of it!  So for my 21st birthday I really wanted to visit Paris properly and with the person I love!  This city is absolutely beautiful and I could spend a lifetime here!  Soon I will upload a post on what I did here, also a vlog will be uploaded!



21st Birthday

Happy birthday to me!!  I am now 21 years old! (yayyyy casinos!  ..joking).  I am now officially a proper adult.. eew!  Spending my 21st in Paris has made my birthday so special!


Kate Middleton

Kate has always been an icon of mine, she is absolutely beautiful!  In this year’s Wimbledon, she had a new hairstyle which I absolutely love!  As usual she looked stunning and wore pretty dresses.  She deserves to be on the month’s favourites!




Summer dresses

Being in Paris I wanted to look very feminine and pretty.  So I’ve practically been living in summer dresses!  The weather has been ok in Wales, not the greatest.. but I still wear pretty dresses just because I can’t help myself!!



Bit of an odd one but as I get older I do start to appreciate flowers more.  Lately I have been really into flowers and learning more about different plants.  Obviously one of my favourites are peonies (how very basic of me!!)  This is a photo I took at the flower market in Amsterdam end of June.
Kate Spade bag

I really wanted to treat myself and wanted a good quality bag.  So when i had a look through designer websites I fell in love with Kate Spade!! The bags are truly beautiful and definitely a treat!  I got this for myself as a 21st birthday treat and absolutely LOVE it!!

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