DIY:  Pinterest Inspired Coffee Jar

I absolutely love upcycling items!  I finished the last of the coffee granules today and realised how nice the jar was and it would be a shame to throw away.. so I had an idea, upcycle it and make it a nice vase!


What you need

Empty coffee jar/ jam jar


Glue (i used wood glue)

Small dish to put glue in

Twine (the brown one looks the best!)

How to

  1. First of all you need to clean and dry the jar.  Fill the small dish with some glue.2. Measure the twine around the jar.  You can just decorate the lip of the jar orthe whole jar like I did!  Then cut the twine when you have the desired length.


3. Dip the twine in the glue and use two fingers to get rid of the excess glue.


4. Start wrapping it around the jar gently. Leave to dry for at least 6 hours.



So there you go, simple!!  You can fill this jar with anything you like, I think it makes a lovely flower jar.  You can put your makeup brushes in, use it for kitchen utensils, cotton wool or even just have it empty on the shelf!  This gives a room a really cute and nautical feel and didn’t cost much to make!

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