My Fake Tan Routine

So over the years I’ve had quite a few people ask me how I get my fake tan looking not so fake!  So I decided to show you all how I achieve this!  Many people think fake tan makes you look like a cheesy wotsit, that’s because many people apply it so wrong and don’t prep their skin before applying!  Those people give fake tan a bad name and make the older generation call it ‘gravy browning’ …lol, so original guys!  I apply tan 2 or 3 times a week depending on the look I want, and this is how I do it:



Main tanning mousse – St. Moriz,  I have a review comparing this and the St. Tropez mousse check it out here!  As the weather is better I am now using Dark, usually I would use Medium.

Top up tan – St. Tropez Booster

Mitt – a double sided one from home bargains and I use rubber gloves underneath for extra protection

Moisturiser – My current moisturiser or sometimes I use coconut oil

Hair removal pads/skin exfoliator – Check out my review


Before starting to apply, you should think about going to the toilet and brushing your teeth etc. before, as you will need to let the tan dry before being able to do these things!!


Step 1

First i prep the skin by removing hairs and dead skin cells by using hair removal pads.  This takes  a while but is well worth it!  Also it helps get rid of bingo wings!!




Step 2

I moisturise my body making sure i get all the dry bits such as knees and elbows.  I leave to dry.





Step 3

I put on gloves then the tanning mitt.  I shake the fake tan bottle then apply to the skin using the mitt.  I apply in a circular motion, slowly.  Do not rush!  I always start from the feet to the legs, to the back, then belly and chest then i finish of by doing my arms and hands, I take extra care doing the hands and feet!





Step 4

Leave to dry.  This is a great time to do some squats!!!

Step 5

When the tan is almost dry, I use the soft side of my mitt to just buff the skin.  This takes excess product off and ensures that the tan is even!

Step 6

When the tan is dry I usually go straight to bed then wash the excess off in the morning.  After a shower, the tan looks super natural!  I also clean the gloves and mitt in the morning.


To maintain the tan without having to repeat those steps, I use the St. Tropez Tan Booster to maintain the beautiful natural colour!  I apply this with the clean gloves and mitt.






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