April Favourites 

Hi everyone!  I know this post is quite late and I’ll be completely honest why that is… I totally forgot haha! (oops!!!)  So these are my April Favourites and hopefully I won’t forget about May Favourites at the end of the month!!



Luke and I have been reaaaaallllyyyy missing Amsterdam lately.. so we decided to book it again for Luke’s birthday in June!  This time we’ll be there for longer so we’ll be able to see more of Amsterdam!  This place is truly one of my favourite places in the world and I cannot wait to go back soon!!

At least this time it’ll be much warmer compared to when we visited over new year!!!


Garnier Moisture+ Matte

I spotted this in Home Bargains a few weeks ago and bought it because it claims to be oil free and mattifies the skin whilst still moisturising the skin.  I put this on every morning and it makes a difference to my skin, not a huge difference but considering my face produces enough oil to cook a full English (sorry if i just put you off Full English for life), this has reduced the amount of oil my skin produces in a day!  My foundation still goes oily and horrible by around lunchtime but it’s much better than it used to be thanks to this moisturiser!

*if anyone else has extremely oily skin..please tell me which skin products you use!!!!*


Giant Creme Egg

Go check my recipe out…you’ll know why this is on my monthly favourites!!!!






I went for my first Golf game in April…and I really enjoyed it!!  Luke has recently been more into golf so has been playing it much more and took me a few times during the month.   I’m not the best but definitely not the worst player!!!  …I might just stick to driving Luke around in the golf buggy though!!


Eco Tools Brushes

I’ve been using these brushes for a few years but went off them slightly since around last October.  Ever since, I’ve been using Zoeva brushes which are good but don’t work extremely well for me.  In April I went back to using my EcoTools brushes and fell in love with them all over again!  The best part is, these are vegan brushes!  I featured these in my Vegan Beauty Products post last month!  I would definitely recommend these as they are the softest brushes I’ve ever felt and work so well!  Plus, they’re not too expensive!


So that’s it for April… please don’t forget May Favourites Gwawr!!!

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