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People always think natural beauty products are only for hippy dippy-save the world-tree huggers… but really, many people like buying these organic products, mainly cause they might feel natural and better on the body and also they feel so luxurious (probably becasue of the price you pay!!)  Sometimes.. I’m one of those people (I’m a hippy at heart), I like to buy natural products sometimes as I feel it gives my body and skin a detox, whilst still applying product.  Obviously this only happens when my bank account lets me… lets be honest, organic things are not the cheapest!   As the British summer is almost here (lol) I always like to refresh my beauty regime and routine and try out new products,  natural products are perfect for the summer as they feel light and fresh unlike artificial products. I wanted to write a post about the in-products now and where to find them!  Some of these products I have tried and some I haven’t but would love to soon!  Whether you’re looking to save the planet, turn vegan or just try out new products, I hope this post helps you!  All of these products can be found on


Love Lula is a great website and is where i usually get my natural products from.  I used to be a vegetarian but due to health reasons, i had to consume meat.  But I don’t consume much meat at all and usually follow a vegetarian and sometimes even vegan diet.  I would absolutely love to be vegan but as I can’t ..I can at least try to do little things that contribute to it.  This site has a menu especially for vegan products!


PHB Ethical Beauty Ethical Palm Oil Free Orange & Grapefruit Soap 100g

This soap is perfect for everyday use.  For washing all over or just washing your hands, this product won’t harm the environment or hasn’t harmed any animals.  They have five different fragrances but this is definitely my favourite!  The great thing about this product is that the company ‘PHB Ethical Beauty’ is a family business and 20% of the profit made goes to charity!  This soap contains no palm oil.  Palm oil contributes to deforestation and threatens the lives of endangered animals and rainforest communities, palm oil can be found in food and beauty products.  This product is made by hand!




Weleda Ratanhia Toothpaste 75ml

Now.. I’m gonna be completely honest, I’ve never tried this product but I am planning to try it.  When doing something every single day such as brushing your teeth, you don’t realise how much damage regular toothpaste does to the environment, especially when they have small bits in these whitening toothpastes.  This product is vegan and cruelty free and also doesn’t harm the environment.  “Weleda Ratanhia Toothpaste is an excellent family toothpaste with organic Krameria extract, preventing inflammation and gum bleeding.”  This product has a 5* rating therefore I will definitely be trying this product!  Also..the packaging looks so much prettier than regular toothpaste!!!




PHB Ethical Beauty Mini Loose Mineral Foundation +SPF30

Foundations and makeup products can cause damage to the planet.. can you believe it?!  This website sells many make up products but this foundation is definitely on my wishlist.  A vegan foundation that is natural and protects your skin from the sun!  This is a mineral foundation and comes in two sizes 1.5g and the full size 8g.  The foundation comes in 12 shades!  The foundation claims to “give impeccable long lasting coverage whilst providing a natural looking finish that allows skin to breathe”.  This is for all skin types and is great for acne prone skin (Yey me!).  Again this is a family business and 20% of profits goes to charity!

1.5g £4.95     8g £15.95



Weleda Almond Sensitive Skin Body Wash 200ml

Even shower gels and body wash can cause damage to your skin and the environment.  This body wash is perfect for sensitive skin and will leave you smelling amazing!  This product are available in other fragrances and are also made to suit diferent body types and uses.






This is a company that have a range of  vegan products.  I have only tried their deodorant but I absolutely love it.  I always hated the thought of spraying regular deodorant onto my body.. all the chemicals and metals inside that can.. going into my lungs and the environment, NO THANK YOU!  I use the 125ml Sukin Deodorant which is pricey at £7.95 but well worth it.  It lasts a while too!  Sukin makes products such as shampoo, conditioner, face toner, moisturiser and cleanser.  They have so many different kinds of products and they are all vegan!!

Prices on the Love Lula site are all £7.95



EcoTools Make up Brushes

I have tried many brushes in the past, from Real Techniques to Zoeva.  One Christmas my mum got me an EcoTools set and I have to be honest.. this brush set is the best set I’ve ever used and will never use any other kind again!!!  The bonus about these brushes are they are vegan and cruelty free!  The bristles are unbelieveably soft, perfect for sensitive skin!

Considering how good they are and that they are vegan, the price of EcoTools brushes aren’t too bad, especially comparing to other brushes like Real Techniques and Zoeva.

On the site, these brushes range from £4.99 to £13.99



Narynda Skincare Day and Night Creams 50ml

I have been looking for a day and a night cream for a while.  I’ve never used these but have come to realised as i’m getting older that using these sort of creams are important as you need to look after you skin.  These creams are definitely on my wishlist as they are obviously cruelty free and vegan.  These creams contain natural waxes and oils and high in antioxidants to ensure the skin will be looked after.

Both products are £17.50 each



The Little Girl From Wales Coffee Body Scrub

I know this isn’t from the website but I recently posted this recipe on my blog and a video on my Youtube channel.  I have been using it once a week and it makes my body feel so soft and fresh!!  This is so simple and fun to make and is completely natural!  This is similar to a product they sell at Lush and it’s actually what inspired me to come up with my own recipe!  Check the recipe out here and check the video out here  –  Please subscribe to my channel too!




This website is really worth looking at and has even made me want to buy more products!  These are just some of the amazing products they have available, check the ste out for soooo many more products worth trying!  I hope this has inspired you to try out a few natural products, I would love to know if you will or already have!  Maybe even share your favourite products in the comment section!   I definitely think there should be more vegan and cruelty free products out there as there is no need to test on animals or use animals to make a product.  Using natural products also help save the environment too which every body should try and do! x

*These are not my photos, all photos but the coffee scrub were taken from the website*All products are vegan and this post is not paid for or any kind of advertisement*



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