From Wales to Amsterdam

Over the new year period, Luke and I went to Amsterdam to celebrate the new year!  Last year we were in Sydney, and back in October, we decided we weren’t gonna stay home New Years Eve.. we wanted to visit somewhere new, so we decided to book a flight to Amsterdam!

Day 1

Our flight wasn’t until around 5.30 pm, so we had the whole day to waste 🙁  We headed into town to have a bite to eat and watch the world go by.. by 12.30 pm
we were so bored.. so decided
to drive to the airport.  By around 2.00 pm we were at the airport.. how sad haha!  We checked in and went through security, and walked around duty free for a while.
As we were flying at dinner time, we had a meal at the airport.  We both had this amazing chicken katsu with sticky rice… it was  so yummy!!  We boarded the plane and took off, good bye UK in 2016!!  We arrived at Schiphol airport an hour later.. we couldn’t believe how big the airport was!!!  As we were tired, we wanted to head straight to the hotel so we got a hotel shuttle bus.  There weren’t many hotels available so we had to book an airport hotel, which wasn’t too bad!  By the time we had checked in, showered and chilled a bit, it was almost 9.00 pm, so we went for a few drinks in the hotel bar.. but a few drinks turned into a lot of drinks!!!


Day 2

We both woke up really early and got ready to head out for  the day!  We got a shuttle bus to the airport then bought a 2 day travel ticket then caught a train from the train station in the airport.. yes Schiphol airport is that big!!  We headed to the Heineken brewery then started the tour.
It was so interesting and fun! Clearly by the photo below,  you can tell i love beer… We ended the tour on the roof top bar, which had amazing views of Amsterdam!
  After the tour we walked to the Iamsterdam sign where there was also an ice rink!  We planned to go skating but unfortunately it was so so so busy, by the time we would’ve got to the front of the queue..the place would be shut!  So we took a few photos and watched the ice skaters go by.  We went around all the stalls around the ice rink and found a little homemade gourmet burger stall… we couldn’t pass without trying a burger!!  We both went for the ‘Big Boy Burger’ …which was absolutely amaziiiing!!  We were so full after the burgers so decided to walk it off around the canals.  As we were going to be up late, we hopped on a tram and got off at the central station and got back to our hotel to rest.  After a well needed nap,  we showered and made ourselves ready to head out by 6.00 pm.  We went into the city and walked around looking for a nice restaurant.  We came across a lovely little Italian place down a small street!  I had a pizza as they were homemade, stone baked and looked amazing and Luke had a really nice pasta dish, we both had cheesy garlic bread to share!

After food we walked around the streets which was quite scary as people were setting fireworks off everywhere and all around us!  We found a busy pub and went in for a few drinks to celebrate!  Of course we had a cake or two.. seeing as we were in Amsterdam!! (Ending the year on a high…literally!!)  At around 11:30 pm, we headed back to the central station as that’s where we needed a train back to the hotel and the view from outside the station was perfect to see the fireworks!  12 o’clock soon came around and fireworks were going off everywhere, it was so beautiful, and even better as i got to share this moment with Luke!  Happy New Year everyone! x


Day 3

Our last full day 🙁

As we were up late, we had a bit of a lie in!  We headed out for breakfast and had amazing waffles with chocolate, fruit and whipped cream!  After, I dragged Luke into the Sex Museum… he secretly loved it haha!

We walked to the Anne Frank House but the queue was 3 hours long.. we weren’t going to wait that long in the freezing cold!!  We found a really nice canal where we took a few photos.. Luke is so proud of this one he took of me!!

As we were quite tired from last night, we went back to the hotel to relax for an hour or two before going out again.  We went for food at the Grasshopper, one of the most popular places in Amsterdam!  After food, we went to a coffeeshop… and enjoyed a ‘chilled and relaxing’ night 😉  I really wanted to see the Red Light District so we finished the night off walking around the area.. which was umm..interesting haha!
We bought some hash lollipops to try (which tasted horrible and didn’t work haha!) and went back to the hotel and packed our stuff ready to leave in the morning 🙁


Day 4

We checked out and hopped on the shuttle bus to the airport and flew back home around 11.00 am :(. There was an iamsterdam sign outside the airport, so seeing as the other sign was so busy and couldn’t take a proper photo, i got to take one here! (Try and spot me haha!)


Amsterdam was such a beautiful city with so much culture!  Luke and i enjoyed every minute of it and would go back tomorrow if we could!  Although we didn’t do much as we only had 2 full days, we fell in love with the place.. despite how cold it was!!!





  1. January 15, 2017 / 8:09 pm

    I’m so jealous after reading your post! I can only travel to different states here in the US (which is boring), but being able to travel to a different country so easily would be a dream! Hope you have an amazing 2017!

    • January 15, 2017 / 8:10 pm

      Its such a great place! I hope you get to see more countries one day! Thank you, i hope you have an amazing year too!❤

  2. January 17, 2017 / 6:15 pm

    What a fab couple of days! I knew someone else (from near London) actually who travelled to Amsterdam and stayed on a boat for New Year, and he WhatsApp’d me to say how amazing it was. Perhaps you should go back for another touristy visit when you’re able to spend a couple more days there to really explore the place? x

    • January 17, 2017 / 9:35 pm

      That’s so cool! Yeah I definitely hope to return really soon! 2 days just wasn’t enough, but it was nice to get away and have a chilled weekend somewhere different! X

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