Recipe: Simple Ice Mocha

With the British summer well and truly here, i thought I’d share this cooling summer drink with you!

    ….try it out while our short summer lasts!!

Instant coffee 1tsp

Boiling water 200ml

Cocoa powder 1tsp

Sugar to taste

Milk 200ml

Ice to fill your chosen cup

*depending on your ingredients, you might need more or less water and milk*

Add the water to the coffee, stir.

Add the cocoa and sugar to the coffee and stir.

Pour in the milk, leave to cool down for a couple of minutes.

Pour over the ice and enjoy! X
Optional: why not add whipped cream to it!  

If you try any of my recipes out, I’d love to see pictures! Tag me in your instagram pictures (gwawrlloydx) or hashtag Littlegirlfromwales. Or Twitter (gwawrlj) or hashtag Littlegirlfromwales.


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